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NYACC General Meeting
Thursday November 13, 2014 at 7:30PM
19 University Place (between 8th Street and the park)
First Floor in the Great Room

"I Sing the Body Electric"
Wearable Technology for Health and Medicine, Now and in the Near Future

Presented by Alfred Poor, PhD
Editor and author of Health Technology Insider

Fitness trackers such as the Fitbit have captured the media's attention, but most of the action - and the money - is in the health, wellness, and medical applications for wearable technology. Wearable devices available today or within the next year or two are capable of amazing feats, from monitoring heart beats and blood pressure to tracking blood sugar levels and administering insulin automatically as needed.

Editor of the free Health Tech Insider website and weekly newsletter Alfred Poor will spin tales of technical wonder, as you'll hear about pacemakers that are powered by a patient's beating heart, bionic devices to assist or replace damaged or missing body parts, and custom 3D body casts for disable children that can be made in days instead of months. You'll even hear about a new product that you can place on your head that is designed to alter your mood on command. Brave new world or the first days of Skynet's dominance? Perhaps it is a little of both.

Come take part in this engaging and entertaining discussion.

Our webmaster, Michael Horowitz spoke at the HOPE
conference about Securing a Home Router
The presentation is available on his personal website

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