NYACC General Meeting
Thursday, December 10, 2015
at 7PM
At NYU – 32 Waverly Place, Silver Building
Check at Front Desk for room number

How to Stop Worrying and
Let Robots Take Over the Earth

Presented by Crystal Butler

Rapid improvements in sensor technology and machine learning techniques have facilitated the development of systems that can mimic human cognition. From image identification to natural language processing, machines are increasingly able to carry out tasks that traditionally relied on natural intelligence.

This talk will focus on how computers are performing in a very specialized realm of nonverbal communication — facial expression generation and recognition. Learn about the processes underlying both human and automated expression recognition, including computer vision, machine learning, and a dash of neuroscience. Basics of the related fields of facial motion capture and animation will also be discussed.

After hearing about how facial expressions work, an overview of current applications and research will be presented. Facial expression recognition is being implemented in social media, security, and psychological therapy, among other fields. Modeling holds promise for augmenting service sectors such as customer care and nursing.

The last 10 minutes of the talk will be devoted to demonstrating a system that generates a 3D digital model of the user’s face. Once created, the model can drive animated characters in real time. Volunteers welcome!

Crystal Butler is certified in the Facial Action Coding System, and is currently pursuing a Master’s of Science in Computer Science at New York University. She has been researching computer-based expression recognition and modeling since 2012.

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